Throw Out the Superglue! This Plastic Welder Can Fix It All

What Is Bondic®?


Bondic® is a liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to. You don’t have to worry about applying the liquid perfectly the first time, unlike super glue that hardens almost immediately after you apply it. Bondic® will remain in a liquid form until you apply the UV light (comes with Bondic® Plastic Welding Kit).




How Do You Use It?


Using Bondic® is simple and easy. There are only four steps:


How To Use Bondic


Along with how to use it, remember these 6 Bondic principles for most effective use.

• Bondic® works best on rough surfaces and even better with undercuts.

• Bondic® solidifies only by exposure to UV light (LED included).

• Bondic® works best in layers (the max thickness of one layer is 1 – 1.5 mm).

• Bondic® works best when the surface is clean and free of grease.

• Bondic® is solvent free, which is one reason why it doesn’t dry out.

• Bondic® is a liquid plastic welder that should be used with the principle of welding and not gluing.




Invented by a Dentist


Most people have gone to the dentist and needed a filling. The Doctor fills the hole with a special liquid and then hardens and sets the liquid with a light. One day Dr. Thomas Offerman was asked by a patient for a syringe of that same dental composite used for filling and bonding teeth to take home. Why? To fix his broken coffee maker. That one request quickly sparked a wildfire of requests from so many people that it drove Offerman to pursue creating a product for everyone to use.


The high demand drove Dr. Offerman to to spending a majority of his time to research, testing, and coming up with many extensive formulas. The result is Bondic®, a powerful and simple tool that can be used by anyone with seemingly infinite possibilities and uses.






We’ve all had the awful experience of having a tent pole break on us in the backcountry. Bondic can repair the pole and most likely make is stronger than it was originally. It’s small size and lightweight make it a perfect option for taking on backpacking trips. It can be used on trekking poles, backpacks, tents, and more. Really it’s harder to find something it can’t be used on.





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