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Camping Season’s Over? NEVER!

Cooler temperatures are a poor excuse to not enjoy the outdoors. The great Sir Rannulph Fiennes said, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Here at CampSaver we try to motivate people to spend more time outside by providing a large variety of gear and apparel for all seasons. Don’t let the cold and wet weather keep you from doing what you love!


Here are our top 5 reasons we love camping in the late spring and early fall.


1. Fewer People


There’s nothing worse than planning an awesome camping trip, getting there, and realizing everyone else in the universe also planned the same trip. The summer is the busiest season for camping and national parks. The biggest reason is because most have their vacations planned for the summer when the kids are out of school. The next biggest reason is weather. Most people haven’t figured out that camping in the cold can be just as fun as the summer, so the crowds pack up to hibernate through winter. So before people catch on, take advantage of the empty campsites.





2. Less Bugs


We’ve probably all experienced that moment when flies, mosquitoes, ants, or any other bug drives us or someone we are with to a murderous rage. Or the time you drove 8 hours into the backcountry, set up camp, and realized you forgot the bug spray or mosquito netting. The cold weather kills off a lot of the bugs so you don’t have to worry as much about spraying yourself down with a thick layer of repellent. And chances are you are in long sleeves and pants, so the lone survivor bugs won’t really be able to bother you anyways.  




3. Cold Nights and Crisp Mornings


If you have a warm sleeping bag and nice pad with a high R-value then you are probably going to get the best sleep you’ve ever had. By bundling up in good gear and apparel you will slip into a bear-like hibernation state. To ensure you fully enjoy the chilly evenings, take a nice pair of thermal tops (mens | womens) and bottoms (mens | womens). Besides getting the best sleep ever, you’ll be able to wake up and have a hot cup of coffee or chocolate. Is there anything better than bundling up with a hot cup of joe? No. No there isn’t. 




4. Change of Scenery


Don’t make the mistake of believing that the mountains are the prettiest when everything is alive and green. The landscapes you’ve see during the summer transform in the fall. Revisiting those places almost feels as if you are going to an entirely different destination. There won’t be as much green, but the leaves will turn orange, red, and yellow. But don’t take it from us, just look refer to the picture at the beginning of the article.






5. Cheaper Campsites


The fee at campsites serve to maintain the sites, facilities, and pay those that work there. But it’s nice being able to camp for free. So if you don’t have time to escape to the deep woods in uncharted territory, then camping in the fall might be your best option. Since the season slows down, a lot of campsites will either lower their prices or close down entirely. So with less money you can have just as fun of an experience as you did in the summer. Even more fun actually, because you save money!




In Summary


If you have the right gear and clothing, camping in the late fall or early spring may turn out to be your favorite time of the year. Check out our colder weather categories to help extend your camping season.

• 30° and below sleeping bags

• 5+ R-Value sleeping pads

• 3 – 4 Season tents

• Thermal tops men’s and women’s

• Thermal bottoms men’s | women’s

• Fleece jackets men’swomen’s

• Synthetic insulated men’s | women’s

• Down insulated men’s | women’s


If this isn’t enough  motivation to get you outdoors this fall, then hopefully this video from one of our favorite brands, Therm-A-Rest, will help nudge you out the door.