Duckworth Made in USA

Made in USA 100% Montana Grown Wool

Merino wool has almost become a necessity in clothing. Thanks to modern advances, wool isn’t the old itchy mess it use to be. Merino wool is extremely soft, stretches naturally with the body, and is able to moderate body temperature in any environment.  


Duckworth has taken the new craze of merino wool to a new level. They are a Montana source-verified wool company. What does that mean? Their wool is 100% Helle Rambouillet. It is grown in a natural environment, raised on a mountain pasture, then spun, knit, and sewn in the USA. Throughout the entire process Duckworth has complete control over the quality of their products.




Maverick Collection


Duckworth sheep


Maverick Mountain is found in Montana’s Beaverhead range, which is just a few miles away from the ranch where the wool is grown. The maverick line from Duckworth is an ultra soft jersey fabric with all natural stretch and no added synthetic fibers. Just pure natural wool. It can be worn year round and maintain a good core temperature in all conditions. The natural antimicrobial profile of wool means it requires less washing and will not stink.

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Comet Collection


Duckworth Comet Crew
Comet mountain is yet another peak in the Beaverhead range. The comet line from Duckworth is perfect as a first layer in cooler conditions or worn solo as an alternative sweatshirt. The dual blend of 50% merino wool on the outer layer and 50% micro-fiber polyester inner layer create the perfect natural-technical mash-up. This wicks moisture off your skin into the absorbent wool that keeps you comfortable and warm. A favorite among professional outdoors men and women.

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