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The First Tree House Tent

Tree houses aren’t just for kids. Tentsile Tents has made it possible to camp in a tree house anywhere. Connect the three corners of the tent to 3 different trees using 3 ratchets and straps, and enjoy camping without all the problems that come from being on the ground.


Tentsile Tents Sunset
Photo: Tentsile Tents


All Tentsile Tents come with a waterproof rain fly. The floor fabric is made from 240 Denier inclined joint nylon-polyester composite reinforced with 20+ meters of seat belt material. This translates into being able to hold 880lbs/400kg – that’s approximately three giants and their gear. But make sure you choose your trees to hook up to wisely.


Tentsile Tent Group
Photo: Tentsile Tents


We stock the Stingray and Vista Tentsile Tents. Both sleep three people and have a weight capacity of 880lbs. The main difference is the season rating: The Vista allows up to three seasons, and the Stingray is built for four seasons.

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Stingray Snow
Photo: Tentsile Tents

Set-up takes approximately 10 minutes. Really!


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