85 Years of Hand Crafted Italian Boots

To celebrate their 85th anniversary, Zamberlan has released the Z85 Gardena NW GTX Boot. The quality put into this boot reflects the tradition, technicality, and beauty Zamberlan has stood for since their humble beginnings in 1929.




Only the Best Materials
Z85 Boot


The original founder, Giuseppe Zamberlan, left the company to his son, Emilio. And recently the torch has been passed on to Emilio’s son and daughter, Marco and Maria. This family oriented company has kept Giuseppe’s dream alive by abiding by his number one rule, “Always use the best materials, because shoes have to last.”


The Z85 shoe has vibram rubber soles. Zamberlan was the first to step away from traditional leather soles with iron spikes and switch to rubber soles. Giuseppe and Vitale Bramani, the founder of Vibram, worked on this product together. Today Zamberlan still uses Vibram soles.


The upper consists of Hydroblock full grain leather and a Gore-Tex liner. Leather, when taken care of, has a great life span. The Hydroblock is a trademark registered by Zamberlan to identify the best quality leathers that are tanned with a special treatment that enhances the water-repellence, resistance, and durability. The Gore-Tex membrane and liner work to ensure waterproof breathability.




Boot Construction



The Z85, and all of Zamberlan’s high-end styles, are hand crafted in Italy. This guarantees that the boot maintains high quality and value. Keeping standards high means the necessary to improve the machinery used to make the boots.


Noregian Welted Technology


The Z85 boot follows the traditional Norwegian Welting process. Only the most skilled workers are able to perform this extremely resistant construction method. It features two lines of stitching: the first fixes the upper to the midsole, and the second fixes the upper to the insole, which will later be glued to the sole.




The Zamberlan Family


Maria and Marco on the left and right with their parents.


Currently the Zamberlan company is ran by the original owner’s grandson and granddaughter, Marco and Maria Zamberlan. They are continuing their fathers and grandfathers legacy by sticking to the best materials, and refusing to lower production value for a cheaper price. The goal is to create quality boots that will perform well and last a long time. To ensure this end result, Maria said, “We don’t aim to become too big”, so that they “don’t lose control over the quality of the product”.