Cook Without Fire, Gas, Electricity, or the Sun with a Barocook

We’re always looking for new innovative ways to make our outdoor hobbies and passions easier. Recently we came across a new company called Barocook that has found a way to cook food and boil water without using fire, gas, electricity, or the sun.






• It works well at high altitudes. No matter how high you go, the chemical reaction that causes the heat remains the same.

• Don’t worry about trying to block the wind. It’s flame-less!

• It’s safe to use in your tent.

• Very easy to use and convenient.

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How It Works




1 · Separate the stainless bowl from the outer plastic container.


2 · Remove the heating pad from the pouch and place the pad at the bottom of the container.


3 · Don’t throw the heating pad package away! There is a water line reference on the package to know how much water to add.


4 · Fill the plastic container (where you put the heating pad) with water. Fill the stainless bowl with your food.


5 · Once the steam is activated, place the stainless bowl filled with food into the plastic container with the water and heating pad, and cover it with the lid.


6 · Depending on what you are cooking, wait about 6 minutes for soup, coffee, and tea. Wait about 20 minutes if cooking pasta. (If using dehydrated meals, just fill the stainless bowl with water instead of food and wait for it to boil).


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