Copper Spur mtnGLO

Award Winning Tents with built-in LED lighting

One of the major issues of camping is not having enough light to do anything in the tent after dark. Flashlights and headlamps work OK, but the strong beam is generally isolated to one area (and can easily wake up your tent mate). Lanterns are heavy, bulky, and sometimes a pain to hang up. Big Agnes has eliminated all of these issues with their new mtnGLO tent series.

Patent-pending mtnGLO tent light technology uses durable LED lights to illuminate the interior or your tent with enough light to sort gear, play cards, and hang out with friends without blinding them with a bright beam of light. The LED strand is found within the tent seams and is durable and flexible enough to withstand tent pitching and stuffing. Each mtnGLO tent comes with a simple push button controller with three settings: on, off, and 50% brightness. Don’t forget to keep six AAA batteries to operate the controller.





The Copper Spur UL mtnGLO series

Copper Spur UL 2 mtnGLO

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The Tumble mtnGLO series

Tumble 3 mtnGLO

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The Rattlesnake SL mtnGLO series

Rattlesnake SL 3 mtnGLO

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The Rocky Peak mtnGLO 

Rocky Peak 4 mtnGLO

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The Gilpin Falls Powerhouse mtnGLO

Gilpin Falls Powerhouse 4 mtnGLO

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