Fly Creek UL HV Tent Series: Ultralight Not Ultra Tight


This Award Winning Series Just Got An Upgrade

The widely popular Fly Creek UL Tent series has been revamped to include more livable space while retaining all of its ultralight backpacking features!

The original Fly Creek UL Series is known for its low weight and ultralight performance capabilities. The team at Big Agnes managed to keep all the weight and performance features while adding 25% more livable space to the tents design.


High Volume Construction

Ultralight tents typically sacrifice a bit of comfort and space to achieve their low weight and packability features. Fortunately, for the broader or personal space conscious camper this is not the case with the Fly Creek UL HV series.

The new DAC Angle Hub allows for high volume pole architecture resulting in steeper walls, more floor space, and improved headroom.

Fly Creek UL2 HV - Tent


Why Does Extra Space Matter?

Life isn’t always fair and sometimes Mother Nature unleashes her wrath on the same weekend you choose to go backpacking, which means you may end up spending entire days inside your tent instead of just the usual nights. In such cases, you are going to praise the ability to sit up and play a card game and move around a bit.

Trust us even honeymooners will grow tired of the “romantic” proximity of most ultralight tents after an extended period of time.


Add Even More Luxury With MTN GLO

The Fly Creek UL HV comes in a one to three person setup in standard and MTN GLO configurations. The MTN GLO setup adds negligible weight and is a welcome addition to any base camp.

Explore MTN GLO LED Technology


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