Oboz At A Glance

Oboz is a specialized team of outdoor footwear legends that know exactly what it takes to engineer superior hiking and backpacking shoes.  Located in Bozeman, Montana, the team at Oboz dream, design and personally test all of their products locally.

The aim at Oboz is to channel all of their combined years of experience and the latest technological innovations into creating the most comfortable and durable footwear imaginable.


The Difference Is In The Details

To put it simply, Oboz doesn’t settle.

The team at Oboz believes comfort isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity.  To achieve their goal of unmatched comfort and performance, the team at Oboz innovated a killer lineup of trail-specific features to make their shoes excel in comfort and durability.


Bfit Insoles

Every pair of Oboz Footwear comes stock with their premium Bfit insoles.  Bfit insoles provide better arch support and secure your feet in a neutral position to alleviate blister-causing friction.  

The Oboz line of premium insoles are on par with costly aftermarket insoles and add tremendous value that you won’t find in another shoe.                                                                      

Bfit Deluxe                                   Bfit Thermal                               Bfit Essential

BFit Deluxe InsolesBFit_Thermal     BFit_Essential



Waterproof Shoes That Breathe

Most waterproof shoes on the market today are excellent at keeping water from coming into your shoe; however, many lack the necessary ventilation to prevent your shoes from becoming your own personal foot swamps when it’s toasty outside.

Oboz uses a proprietary tape-sealed polyurethane bootie that lets sweat and hot air escape while remaining 100% waterproof.


Different Terrain Calls For Different Traction

Oboz doesn’t just stick one go to outsole on every pair of footwear.  They customize their outsoles to meet the needs of the sketchiest peaks and most rugged trails in the world.  

Oboz has terrain/adventure specific outsoles for hiking, backpacking, scrambling, approach and more!

GranitePeakOutsole_tech-info             SawtoothOutsole_tech-info



True To The Trail In Every Way

Oboz footwear eliminates sloshing, soggy foot, and avoidable discomfort by identifying exactly what their shoes will be used for and who will be using them.

Our favorite thing about Oboz as a company is that they help those who long for the open trail find it!

Oboz also dabbles in saving the world.  As a free gift to you and Mother Nature, Oboz plants a tree for every pair of shoes they sell.

If you like your footwear tuned for adventure and your forests lush, then give Oboz a serious look!

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