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Salomon: Footwear for Everywhere

Year’s ago when CampSaver broke into the footwear business, Salomon quickly proved itself as a customer favorite, and has continued to be one of the top brands in our backpacking, hiking, and trail running categories. A quick glance at their shoes and you can see that Salomon has broken from the old, dark, and clunky look that your grandparents wore hiking the PCT (no offense gramps, but way to kick the PCT’s ass, even if it was hard to lift those heavy suckers off the ground to do it).  


Salomon shoes have developed a unique look. By adding more colors, improving technology, and removing unnecessary clunk that adds weight, Salomon shoes have perfected a balance between looking great and performing even better.


Planning on hiking this weekend? Chances are you’ll spot a pair of X-Ultra’s. Trail running with some friends before work? Some of them are probably wearing the insanely popular Speedcross 3’s. Have any backpacking trips planned this summer? Keep your eyes open and you’re sure to see the Quest 4D’s.





So, why is everyone wearing Salomon?


Based off the reviews we’ve read on our site, comfort is the big story here. You can backpack with heavy loads for miles without your feet feeling sore or being irritated by the boots. The hiking shoes provide enough support on rough terrain without the adding a lot of weight. The trail runners form to your foot well and the traction is sure to stick in rain, mud, dirt, and snow.


But don’t take our word for it. You can read all the reviews by opening up a product page, scroll down, then click “reviews”.




Salomon Running TV


Salomon’s huge presence in the trail running world is almost unmatched. To help illustrate that, Salomon TV is now in its 5th season and this year they are sending their athletes across the world to showcase their shoes in all conditions.
Check out Episode 3: Barcelona.