Prana Lifestyle

When I Say Prana You Say…Chris Sharma?

prAna. They make clothes for people who do yoga or climb, right? Right. But it’s more than that. And Chris Sharma isn’t the only one backing them.


prAna apparel is designed to be comfortable, durable, reliable, but most of all, comfortable. It’s something you can slip on when you wake up and wear all day long.


When you wake up look in your closet, usually you go through a mental checklist of what you will be doing that day (hiking, climbing, surfing, lounging, netflixing…). Then you decide on what bottoms and tops will perform best. With prAna, none of that matters. It all works.


If you had a closet full of prAna, all you would need to do is wake up, reach in the closet with your eyes closed, grab a pair of bottoms and a top, and you’re done.




It’s Not Just About How It Performs


It’s about how it’s made. prAna is one of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable apparel brands in the world today.


They use organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and repurposed down. They partner with organizations like Bluesign®, Fair Trade, and the Fair Labor Association to ensure all workers are treated well and that the manufacturing of the clothing doesn’t harm the environment.


Another huge component with prAna is traceability. Which basically is them proving everything in the previous paragraph. The organic cotton and recycled wool can be traced down to the “farm where the bowl of fiber was grown”.
Fill your closet with prAna so you can stop worrying about what you are wearing and focus more on what you are doing. And here’s a video prAna made with Chris a few years ago.